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Garden Party Event

The 'Comité de Baptême HEC' is an association that each year offers HEC Liège students the opportunity to take the baptismal tests.

Besides the folkloric aspect, the committee also organizes several events.

My mission was to create the visuals for the HEC Garden Party event.

Garden Party

The 'Garden Party' is an open-air event to celebrate the beginning of the study period for students in Liège. This year, the event brought together nearly 9,000 people.

The HEC Liège Students Association is an ASBL made up of 18 members serving students of the faculty.

One of their roles is to cultivate and carry on HEC folklore by organizing different events.

My mission has been to design visuals of the various events of the association elected this year 'Osmose'.

Garden HEC

'Garden HEC' is an outdoor event to celebrate the end of exams for Liège students.
This year, the event brought together nearly 12,000 people.

Back 2 School

'Back 2 School' is an evening which takes place in the HEC hall to celebrate the start of the school year for students.
This year, the event gathered nearly 750 people.


'Ski HEC' gathered 340 students this year.

Additional events

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